Webinar: “SAS: The Proven Storage Platform”

Presented on: Thursday, December 15, 2016
Presented by: Rick Kutcipal – President, STA
Don Jeanette – Vice President, TRENDFOCUS

Topics covered include:

  • Why SAS has a per-lane performance advantage over NVMe
  • The architectural flexibility of SAS which provides for continuous technological advancements and further storage innovation
  • Why and where SAS is being deployed and why some hyperscale applications will deploy PCIe over SATA
  • The forecasted SAS capacity shipment with discussion on multiple market segments and storage device types and growth specifics for each
  • How SAS devices continue to push the envelope on capacities, with endurance and lower pricing
Download the recording and slides for this webinar below.
Recording (MP4): STA Webinar – SAS The Proven Storage Platform – 2016-12-15.mp4
(file size: 7.9MB)
Slides (PDF): STA Webinar – SAS The Proven Storage Platform – 2016-12-15.pdf
(file size: 5.3MB)