Steve Denegri, Independent Storage Analyst

About Steve Denegri

Steve Denegri is an independent analyst whose experience in the data storage industry dates back to 1995. Since that time, he has held senior analyst roles at two investment banks. At Morgan Keegan, along with partner Robert Montague, Steve wrote the first research on the benefits of storage area networking technology ever published for the Wall Street community and helped bring a number of companies public that were involved with the industry. As part of the Capital Markets group with the Royal Bank of Canada, Steve, Robert and a third partner, Tom Curlin, continued to publish in-depth analyses of the data storage industry from a broader platform beneath a “System Area Networking” theme.

In addition to SCSI Trade Association, Steve has worked with Fibre Channel Industry Association and Storage Networking Industry Association along with ANSI T10 and T11 communities. He has been a speaker at regular events held by these organizations.

Steve earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and has a Masters degree in Business Administration.


Steve Denegri
Phone: (901) 219-4591

Quote from Steve Dengri (February 2008)

“Data storage, following the path of enterprise computing, is now migrating at a much more efficient pace since user needs have evolved significantly over the past five years. Whereas storage needs were once seemingly insatiable, consistent with the desire for faster and faster throughput from compute processors, these needs now must be considered in conjunction with increasingly constrained access to electrical power. This has complicated the technology curve, materially. Fortunately, the storage industry has been well prepared with the development and adoption of SAS, which allows users a faster I/O path, vast scalability, and lower power consumption thanks to an extremely efficient serial I/O design. In the future, it is likely that this technology will increase its influence in the enterprise, even with a broader adoption of solid-state solutions that consume less power.”