Optimize Your Investment with Serial Attached SCSI

Author: Alvin Ooi, Marketing Manager, AIC/Xtore Since the market emergence of Serial Attached SCSI two years ago, many high-end storage solution providers and OEMs have recognized the advantages of SAS over its parallel predecessor. Vertical markets that have since adopted SAS technology are the entertainment industry, medical imaging, financial institutions and research and government institutions,… Read more »

SAS: A Point in Time Perspective

Author: Levi Norman, ISS Storage Strategist, Industry Standard Servers HP From the time SAS was envisioned to this point, we have heard time and again it is to be much more than parallel SCSI ever hoped to be. It should deliver unsurpassed ROI, new and unique configurations and unparalleled performance gains, etc. It actually began… Read more »

Multi-Application, Completely Flexible SAS I/O Controllers

Authors: Chris Hoffman, Senior Product Marketing Manager            Michelle Ng, Director of Product Marketing            Emulex Embedded Storage Products Introduction Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) has been making in-roads into the server storage market for the last year — which is all part of the natural evolution for… Read more »

PMC-Sierra Kick Starts 6Gb/s SAS

Author: Cameron T Brett, Manager, Product Marketing Enterprise and Storage Division, PMC-Sierra Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is now a mainstream technology for enterprise servers and storage. Evolving from parallel SCSI to a serial technology, SAS is much more capable than its parallel predecessor. SAS provides a roadmap to faster speeds and can create, and be… Read more »

SAS Plays Major Supporting Role in Entertainment and Media Markets

Author: Thomas M. Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates With entertainment and media content increasing in resolution, content data files have swelled and data throughput has increased proportionally. At the same time content producers are under more pressure to control prices than ever before. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)-based storage systems play a big role in making these… Read more »

Evaluating SAS Technology for Business Requirements

Author: Russ Fellows, Analyst Evaluator Group Why Consider SAS? Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is both a storage interface to disk and tape drives, as well as a storage connectivity technology. As the natural evolution of the older parallel Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) technology to modern technology, SAS provides application and device driver investment protection.… Read more »

SAS: The Future Cutting Edge of Blade Server Storage

By David G. Hill, Principal, Mesabi Group LLC Blade servers are now very familiar to IT organizations, but they still have a lot of growth potential. And one of the gating factors for unlocking that potential is improving the relationship of blade servers with storage. Blade servers need a close relationship with storage — just… Read more »

Case Study on SAS JBOD for Nonlinear Editing System

Author: Alvin Ooi, Marketing Manager Xtore Extreme Storage Advanced Industrial Computer Introduction While High Definition (HD) video contents are getting more and more popular in real video production, TV companies are experiencing the bottleneck of using legacy equipment to edit their HD video programs. One of the customers of PFU Systems (Panasonic, Fujitsu and Uchida),… Read more »