Green and SASy = Energy and Economic, Effective Storage

Author: Greg Schulz, Founder, StorageIO Introduction To say that “green” is a popular trend is an understatement. Green messaging in general and the information technology (IT) industry in particular tend to center around carbon footprint and emissions reduction or cost savings. Green is also being seen or talked about as being dead or falling off… Read more »

Overcoming Test Setup and Cabling Issues for 6Gb/s

Author: Chris Cicchetti, Marketing Director, SAS/SATA Analyzers and Testers, Finisar The new SAS-2 and SATA Gen-3 system protocols bring 6Gb/s link speeds to a wide range of applications, including storage units, disk drives, optical and tape drives, and protocol host bus adapters (HBAs). Carrying such high-signal signals several meters over copper cables, however, tests the… Read more »

Storage Device Dynamics for Enterprise Datacenters – An IDC Perspective*

Author: John Rydning, Research Director, Hard Disk Drives IDC Storage device options continue to broaden for disk storage system OEMs and end users. For enterprise applications, hard-disk drives (HDDs) are now available in several form factors, configured with parallel SCSI, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA (SATA) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interfaces. An increasing number of… Read more »

Case Study: AIC Enables Implementation of a SAS-Based Broadcast Media Archive Solution for KCET-TV, Los Angeles

Author: Alvin Ooi, Marketing Manager, Advanced Industrial Computer   The fast-growing demands of media storage in the broadcasting industry pose a significant challenge to the industry’s IT professionals. The entire workflow process, from intake and production to play-to-air, requires massive storage capacities which are easily and quickly accessible. Streamlining the process of retrieving and restoring… Read more »

The Data Center’s Green Direction is a Dead End

Author: Steve Denegri, Storage Consultant, Financial Analyst A study on data center electricity usage published a year ago by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to receive attention in the storage industry. The study illustrates that storage is not keeping pace with servers and networking equipment as it relates to the amount of energy each… Read more »

Unless You Ride a Horse to Work, What Follows Should Make Sense

Author: Mike Karp, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates “Storage density” is the term that describes how much storage capacity can be packed into a specified amount of space. The actual measurement varies a bit depending on your focus. Disk drive vendors measure bits per square inch, while tape vendors think in terms of bits per… Read more »

The State of Solid State in the Enterprise

Author: Ashish Nadkarni, Principal Consultant GlassHouse Technologies Flash drives, also known as solid state drives, have a promising future in the enterprise space. They promise to overcome literally all limitations of traditional hard drives – power consumption, heat dissipation, mean time between failures, speed and IO/s, etc. The list is long. There is no doubt… Read more »

SAS: Improving Performance, Lowering Cost

< Author: Bob Griswold, Senior Technical Program Manager Lead, Core Operating System Division, Storage Platform, Microsoft Finally, the most pervasive enterprise technology has come to a crossroads. Parallel SCSI was the heart of the datacenter – used as the standard hard drive connection and communication scheme for server and storage environments. Companies have been developing… Read more »

SAS Powers Ahead!

Author: Marty Czekalski, Vice President, SCSI Trade Association Interface and Emerging Architecture Program Manager, Seagate At the recent SCSI Trade Association (STA) SAS Solutions Open House in San Jose, Marty Czekalski discussed the past, present, and future of SAS. He went through the SAS roadmap, briefly describing 3Gb/s SAS origins, 6Gb/s SAS highlights, planned enhancements… Read more »

Delivering on the Promise of SAS

Author: Todd Mottershead, Manager, ProLiant Server Development HP With virtually every IT department in today’s corporate world facing growing user demands and shrinking budgets, storage vendors are rushing to deliver the cost efficiency of low-end systems with value-added features and availability levels typically found only in enterprise class facilities. This focused effort began back in… Read more »