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Easing The Migration from Parallel to Serial Storage

Easing The Migration from Parallel to Serial Storage (PDF) This white paper, written by Adaptec, discusses the reasons for and challenges of moving from a parallal to a serial storage configuration. Readers will learn about new storage technologies with serial architectures that provide higher performance and capacity scalability and enable denser designs are emerging to… Read more »

Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA Compatibility

Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA Compatibility (PDF) Written by Intel, this white paper is targeted to IT managers and anyone who is interested in learning more about the compatibility between Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA. The two technologies were defined with compatible physical layers so they can operate in the same Serial Attached… Read more »

SCSI Passive Interconnect Performance

SCSI Passive Interconnect Performance (PDF) Paul Aloisi, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Texas Instruments Board Member of SCSI Trade Association The SCSI Passive Interconnect Performance (PIP) standard establishes the test methods for bulk cables, cable assemblies and backplanes. It provides a method of measuring and validating the passive components in the SCSI system to… Read more »

SCSI Signal Modeling – The Time Has Come

SCSI-Signal-Modeling – The Time Has Come (PDF) The job of SSM is to create the methodology for producing simulated SCSI signals that reflects a more complete set of considerations of the behavior of the components that comprise the SCSI bus. SCSI, the Small Computer System Interface, has been a mainstay for connecting peripherals to computers… Read more »

Ultra320 SCSI: New Technology – Still SCSI

Ultra320 SCSI: New Technology – Still SCSI (PDF) Written for the SCSI Trade Association by Adaptec, Inc. Michael Arellano, Senior Product Manager Contributions by: Douglas Lee, Validation Engineer, Ken Dubowski, Principal Engineer, and Arlen Young, Principal Engineer, Ph.D. SCSI celebrates its 20th anniversary with a bang by moving to the seventh generation of the bus… Read more »

QAS Boosts SCSI Transmission Rates

by: Charles Gimar Performance Analyst Storage Components Division LSI Logic Corp. Colorado Springs, CO Also appeared in EE Times, Nov. 3, 2000. The growing demand for bandwidth to and from storage is putting pressure on protocols like the Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) point-to-point data-transmission standards. Such protocols must continually evolve to provide more data-transmission… Read more »

Simple Expanders Extend SCSI Bus Reach into the Future

Simple Expanders Extend SCSI Bus Reach into the Future (PDF) A white paper by David Rotman of Compaq Computer Corp. and Harry Mason of LSI Logic discussing how simple expanders (versus bridging expanders) allow for a significant increase in overall attainable SCSI bus length and SCSI domain diameter. SCSI expanders are active interconnect components that… Read more »