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The Benefits of SAS

Article by: Demartek; July 2017 Serial attached SCSI, or SAS, has been an industry standard for more than ten years, and the underlying technology, SCSI, has been an industry standard for more than thirty years. SAS provides a reliable enterprise-grade interface designed specifically for computer storage. SAS technology is well established and offers a wide… Read more »

Get Ready for the 12Gb/s SAS Drive

Article in: “SearchStorage”; by: Carol Silwa; December 3, 2013 The rollout of 12 Gbps SAS drives and other technology will mean performance improvements and new management capabilities. Marty Czekalski, president of the SCSI Trade Association, discussed the impact that 12 Gbps SAS will have on IT organizations. Czekalski also does ecosystem development for interface technologies… Read more »

Volume Deployment and Final Standardization of 12Gb/s SAS Interface

Article in “”; November 19, 2013 As enterprise storage continues to demand higher performance to meet rising workload levels and higher reliability to push down TCO, the SCSI Trade Association (STA) announced two 12Gb SAS storage interface technology milestones, signaling the technology’s continued success in meeting these industry needs. Link to complete article.

Making the Move from FC to SAS

If you’re a regular reader of STA’s Serial Storage Wire, you know that there’s a transition taking place in the storage industry from FC-AL to Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) storage architectures and disk drives… NetApp is well into this technology transition, where SAS-connected disk shelves now account for a majority of storage shipped with new NetApp®… Read more »

The Road to 12Gb/s High Density SAS Connectors

Contributed article to InterConnection World by Jay Neer, Molex The initial release for Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connectors and cables was a bit different from the typical release of a new I/O standard. The SCSI Trade Association (STA) was committed to enabling Serial ATA (SATA) connectivity with SAS, so close coordination was required between the… Read more »

STA Background Document

STA’s Charter The SCSI Trade Association (STA) was established in 1995 as a member-run organization to provide a focal point for members to communicate the benefits of the small computer system interface (SCSI) to the storage industry. For more than twelve years, STA promoted the understanding and use of SCSI technology and influenced the evolution… Read more »

Bandwidth Aggregation: Paving the Way for 6Gb/s SAS

Contributed article that appeared in January 2007 issue of Storage Solutions Resource Catalog by: Susan Bobholz, Intel The first generation of SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) products represents a major leap forward in storage technology. SAS drives have a full-duplex throughput of 3.0 Gb/s and are capable of providing a competitive advantage to enterprises that require… Read more »

Building tiered-storage systems with expanders

Contributed article that appeared in January 2007 issue of SNS-Europe by: Sam Barnett, Vitesse Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) offers a wealth of benefits to the enterprise server and enclosure customer (high reliability and performance, mixed enterprise/desktop drive support, improved economies of scale) and key to scalability and performance is the expander. This article offers a… Read more »

Solving Command Time-out Issues

Contributed article that appeared in January 2007 issue of Storage Solutions Resource Catalog by: Mike Micheletti, LeCroy Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a storage interface developed to meet the needs of enterprise-class storage applications. Central to the SAS value proposition is the ability to scale storage systems beyond the limits of today’s parallel SCSI, using… Read more »