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SAS Steps In

SAS Steps In Over the past several years, companies have enjoyed a wide selection of technologies within the enterprise disk array market. Serial ATA (SATA), Fibre Channel (FC), and even parallel SCSI are viable options. More recently, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) has entered the mainstream enterprise-class storage market, and its share is growing rapidly. Gartner… Read more »

Presentations delivered at the STA’s SAS Open House, May 2006

Welcome & Introduction to SAS (Marty Czekalski, Maxtor) Impact of SAS on Storage (Phil Brace, LSI Logic) Transitioning the Market to SAS (Bob Moore, HP) Database Server Bricks: Case Study (Rich Johnson, Microsoft) Demo Preview & Questions (Harry Mason, LSI Logic) SAS_OH_presentation_060509 1.pdf

SAS in the Enterprise Data Center

March 2005 IDF Storage Community Presentation, by Marty Czekalski SAS Products Entering the Market SAS Advantages SAS System Features SAS Protocol is the Key to System Communication Typical SAS High Availability System Mar05StorageCommunity 1.pdf

SAS 1Q04 Industry Briefing

Steve Denegri, RBC — Predicts “Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is poised for adoption as a data transport in addition to its usage as a disk interface. In fact, with direct-attach storage (DAS) remaining a popular choice for incremental disk capacity needs, a tremendous opportunity exists for SAS in connecting these storage resources to servers. Just… Read more »

SAS SCSI Upper Layers

SAS SCSI Upper Layers – 308 BK Covers SCSI standards organization, basic SCSI architecture, important SCSI commands and status codes, important task management functions, SCSI transport protocol services, the SSP (Serial SCSI Protocol) transport layer, SAS-specific mode pages, SAS-specific log pages, and power conditions/spinup controls.

SAS Starter Kit: Mixing SAS and SATA Drives in a Single Enclosure

SAS Starter Kit: Mixing SAS and SATA Drives in a Single Enclosure Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) has begun to play a key role as the enterprise continues to move towards more optimized, cost-effective storage platforms. Overcoming many of the limitations of traditional parallel SCSI implementations, SAS solutions that offer connectivity choices and support both SAS… Read more »

SAS ATA Upper Layers

SAS ATA Upper Layers– 228 BK Covers basic ATA architecture, the ATA task file, ATA commands, Serial ATA frames, and compares ATAPI (ATA Packet Interface) vs. native SCSI.

3Gb/s SAS

The first generation, 3Gb/s SAS, replaces parallel SCSI which could no longer keep pace with industry performance and scalability demands. SAS fulfilled the storage industry’s need for faster systems with more advanced capabilities. SAS features which support faster performance include dual-port drives and wide ports, enabling full-duplex data transmission plus aggregated bandwidth. Universal connectivity is… Read more »

Optimizie Your Investment with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

Optimizie Your Investment with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Since the emergence of Serial Attached SCSI two years ago, many high-end storage solution providers and OEMs have recognized the advantages of SAS over its parallel predecessor. Vertical markets that have since adopted SAS technology are the entertainment industry, medical imaging, financial institutions and research and government… Read more »

SAS Overview

Overview of SAS architecture and position in the market; by: Marty Czekalski, Technical Marketing Manager, Maxtor — Member of the Board and Vice President of SCSI Trade Association. Serial Attached SCSI is the next evolution of SCSI beyond U320 SAS has been designed to be a device and near cabinet interface only, not a network… Read more »