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Serial Attached SCSI Cables and Connectors

Serial Attached SCSI Cables and Connectors In the process of defining and standardizing the Serial Attached SCSI technology, the T10 technical and SFF committees have defined cables and connectors to support the many different SAS-based system topologies that can now be developed. These cables and connectors are available today from many suppliers. Additional connectors are… Read more »

SAS Architecture

SAS Architecture – 348KB Covers the SAS object model, physical links and phys, ports, SAS devices, expander devices, domains, edge expander device sets, pathways, connections, SAS address, reset sequences, state machines, transmit data path, and describes the expander device model.

SAS Raid-On-A-Motherboard: Affordable, high performance RAID

SAS Raid-On-A-Motherboard: Affordable, high performance RAID Full-featured RAID data protection is becoming a standard feature in businesses of almost any size, thanks to the increasing affordability of implementing RAID technology. Cost-effective RAID-on-motherboard (ROMB) solutions, using integrated RAID-on-Chip (RoC) devices, enable system integrators to implement robust hardware RAID solutions while optimizing their server motherboard investments. With… Read more »

SAS Physical Layer

SAS Physical Layer – 256KB Describes the lowest layer of SAS, covering passive interconnects (cables and connectors) and electrical characteristics.

Managing Access Control Through SAS Zoning

Managing Access Control Through SAS Zoning Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is gaining popularity in small storage area network (SAN) server environments. With its rise in popularity comes the need to segregate and manage device traffic in a similar fashion to what is already done in larger Fibre Channel networks by using zones or in Ethernet… Read more »

SAS Phy Layer

SAS Phy Layer – 256KB Describes 8b10b coding, OOB signaling, and speed negotiation.

SAS Link Layer – Part 1

SAS Link Layer – Part 1 – 364 BK Covers primitives, clock skew management, CRC, scrambling, bit order, address frames, identification and hard reset sequences, and connections.

Optimizing Storage with SAS: Seize the 15K Advantage

SOptimizing Storage with SAS: Seize the 15K Advantage Enterprise storage is entering a new era of cost-effectiveness and efficiency, driven by the growing movement towards specialized storage solutions. The value proposition of this application-focused storage is straightforward: Optimize price/performance by matching the storage device to the specific characteristics (quantity, needed availability, etc.) of the data.… Read more »

Presentations delivered at the STA’s SAS Open House, May 2008

Welcome Introduction (Harry Mason, LSI & STA) SAS Market Update (Mike Karp, EMA) Delivering on the Promise of SAS (Todd Mottershead, HP) SAS To The Rescue (Arlin Sorenson, Heartland Technology Solutions) SAS: Improving Performance, Lowering Cost (Bob Griswold, Microsoft) SAS Powers Ahead! (Marty Czekalski, Seagate & STA) SAS_OH_2008_v8 1.pdf

SAS Link Layer – Part 2

SAS Link Layer Part 2 – 344 BK Covers arbitration fairness, deadlocks and livelocks, rate matching, SSP (Serial SCSI Protocol) frame transmission, STP (Serial ATA Tunneling Protocol) and Serial ATA frame transmission, and SMP (Serial Management Protocol) frame transmission.