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Powering the Cloud 2014: SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions

STA President Marty Czekalski and STA Vice President Greg McSorley gave a series of presentations at Powering the Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2014, including one presentation in the Storage Innovation Theatre and two shorter presentations in the Meet the Experts Theatre. Storage Innovation Theatre Presentation: SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions (October 29,… Read more »

Storage Developer Conference 2014: SCSI Standards and Technology Update

On September 16, STA President Marty Czekalski presented an update on SCSI standards and technology at Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA. Topics include: SCSI Express New SCSI features for flash and performance, including extended copy, atomic operations, hinting, SCSI-SF, and power limit control Express Bay Beyond 12Gb/s SAS Advanced Connectivity 24Gb/s SAS MRD… Read more »

Video Presentation from SNW-Europe 2013

This video presentation is hosted on Juku Italy, however Czekalski’s remarks are in English. November 9, 2013 Czekalski discusses SCSI Express and the roadmap for 12Gb/s product deployments. Link to the presentation.

Beyond 12Gb/s SAS

In this “Ask-the-Expert” short presentation at SNW Europe in Frankfurt, Germany on October 30, 2013, STA Vice President Greg McSorley gave a high level overview of STA’s 24Gb/s SAS marketing requirements. Slide titles: STA’s 24Gb/s SAS MRD What it might take Basic Link Budgets Today’s 12Gb/s HD miniSAS Today’s Drive Connector New Mulitport Drive Connector… Read more »

Maximizing Your Storage Options with Express Bay

In this “Ask-the-Expert” short presentation at SNW Europe in Frankfurt, Germany on October 30, 2013, STA President Marty Czekalski gave a high level overview of Express Bay storage options. Slide titles: Express Bay: PCIe, SAS, SATA, SATAe Express Bay Components Refresher: SAS/SATA Compatibility SFF-8639 Dual-port SAS PCIe x4 Connectors SAS Connector Compatibility Power Limit Control… Read more »

SCSI Express: PCIe Storage for the Enterprise

In this “Ask-the-Expert” short presentation at SNW Europe in Frankfurt, Germany on October 29, 2013, STA President Marty Czekalski gave a high level overview of PCIe storage and its role in the enterprise. Slide titles: SCSI Express SCSI Express Components Express Bay SCSI Express Devices SCIS Express Roadmap STA SCSI Express Expert Session V2-web.pdf

SCSI Express – Fast and Reliable Flash Storage for the Enterprise

This panel session was chaired by SCSI Trade Association board member, David Allen, Director Storage Business Development. Panelists included: Marty Czekalski, Seagate Technology Interface and Emerging Architecture Program Manager President, SCSI Trade Association Joe Foster, HP Industry Standard Server (ISS) Storage Distinguished Technologist Mike James, SanDisk Director Engineering Director, SCSI Trade Association Steve Johnson, LSI… Read more »

SCSI Express Keynote: STA Tech Showcase 2012

Ron Noblett: HP Vice President, Infrastructure & Storage, Industry Standard Servers & Software, Hyperscale Barry Luck: IBM Director, Next Generation Platforms, Ecosystems Ron Noblett from HP and Barry Luck from IBM discuss how the industry is working together through the SCSI Trade Association to deliver SCSI Express to meet the business needs for faster access… Read more »

SCSI Express Overview

Provides an in depth overview of SCSI Express including benefits, use cases and solution implementations using Express Bay. Come learn how the industry standard SCSI Express interface delivers unprecedented performance and low latency to enterprise-class storage by combining the proven SCSI protocol with PCIe.   Advancements_in_PCIe_Storage-looping_static.pdf

SAS and SATA Combine to Change the Storage Market

Presenters: Harry Mason, President, SCSI Trade Association                        Marty Czekalski, Vice President, SCSI Trade Association Where:   Storage Networking World Fall 2011, Orlando, FL When:   October 12, 2011 In this presentation Mason and Czekalski present: Update on the SCSI Trade Association Range of SAS… Read more »