SAS Plugfest Program

The first 24G SAS plugfest was held on June 25-27, 2019, at Teledyne LeCroy’s Protocol Solutions Group’s (PSG) facility in Milpitas, CA. STA is currently in discussions to determine the timing of the next 24G SAS Plugfest. If you are interested in participating in that plugfest, please email STA Plugfest Committee Chair Michael Koffman at

Plugfest Administration

A committee of the STA membership developed a set of administrative plans and policies to guide the event for both STA members and non-members. STA membership is not required to participate.

STA Member Fee
STA Sponsor Member Company $0
STA Principal Member Company $2,000
STA Promotional Member Company $3,000
STA Non-Member $7,500


  • Non STA members are invited to participate in the plugfest, but STA Plugfest Committee calls and meetings are for STA Members only. If you are interested in joining STA, please go to “Join STA” to learn about the membership levels, affiliated benefits, and costs. If you have questions about membership after reviewing this page, please contact David So, STA Executive Director, at
  • If a company participates as a non-member in the Plugfest, and decides to join STA within 90 days after the Plugfest, its membership fees will be discounted by the appropriate amount based on the company’s chosen membership level.
  • Participating companies that execute an NDA to attend an upcoming plugfest event and withdraw before the event will have their participation fees held for a future plugfest event.
  • Participating companies that sign NDAs for two successive plugfest events from which they withdraw will be barred from participating in another plugfest event for one (1) year from the date of the second withdrawn plugfest event. Withdrawal from the second successive plugfest event will result in forfeiting any paid plugfest registration fees.
  • In order to participate in Plugfest Committee test planning calls and the plugfest itself, an NDA agreement must be signed and in the STA office prior to the date set for each event.