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Ultra320 SCSI: New Technology – Still SCSI

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Ultra320 SCSI: New Technology – Still SCSI (PDF)
Written for the SCSI Trade Association by Adaptec, Inc.
Michael Arellano, Senior Product Manager
Contributions by:
Douglas Lee, Validation Engineer, Ken Dubowski, Principal Engineer,
and Arlen Young, Principal Engineer, Ph.D.

SCSI celebrates its 20th anniversary with a bang by moving to the seventh generation of the bus that introduces a maximum data transfer at a staggering 320 MB/sec. Over the course of the past
two decades the protocol has evolved from an 8-bit, single-ended interface transferring data at 5 MB/sec to a 16-bit, differential interface transferring data at 160 MB/sec. For the first time the SCSI protocol has been revised in order to reduce the time spent on processing overhead, resulting in increased performance.