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Teledyne LeCroy Announces World’s First SAS 4.0 Analyzer Platform

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Santa Clara, CA October 12, 2016 — Teledyne LeCroy, a worldwide leader in serial data test solutions, has announced the world’s first Serial Attached SCSI 4.0 (SAS) Protocol Analyzer platform supporting protocol testing and debugging of the emerging 24Gb/s SAS standard. The Sierra T244 analyzer platform leverages Teledyne LeCroy’s cutting-edge TAP4™ probe technology to provide early-adopters with visibility into the next-generation SAS 4.0 protocol.

AS is a high-performance, full-duplex storage protocol that today operates at speeds of up to 12 Gb/s with next generation 24 Gb/s systems on the horizon. SAS remains the market leader within the data center as a result of its enterprise-class features, price/performance point, and scalability. With the SAS 4.0 specification currently in letter ballot and the first 24 Gb/s Plugfest targeted for mid-2017, the announcement of the Sierra T244 SAS Protocol Analyzer demonstrates Teledyne LeCroy’s leadership in the high-speed serial storage technology ecosystem.

“For storage OEMs seeking fast, flexible and reliable data access, SAS continues to be the proven platform for innovation”, said Rick Kutcipal, president of the SCSI Trade Association and director of Industry Marketing for Broadcom Corporation. “Teledyne LeCroy’s SAS 4.0 protocol analyzer represents an important building block for early-adopters working on the next evolution of SAS technology.”

“The key challenge SAS 4.0 developers face is capturing the 24 Gbps link training coefficients without affecting the dynamic equalization process”, said Joe Mendolia, Vice President of Marketing at Teledyne LeCroy’s Protocol Solutions Group. “With our new T.A.P.4™ probe technology, the Sierra T244 will introduce minimum interference on the signal-under-test so compensation mechanisms in the SAS 4.0 chipsets can be observed without distortion.”

Teledyne LeCroy’s protocol analyzers have been at the forefront of SAS development since 2004. The Sierra T244 analyzer features both sequential and hierarchical displays, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, and raw views of the 150-bit SPL packet structures allowing developers to troubleshoot low-level problems and deliver the high quality SAS 4.0 solutions.

Optimized for SAS wide port, Teledyne LeCroy’s Sierra T244 can analyze four lanes of SAS 4.0 protocol traffic simultaneously with complete visibility into link training and the dynamic equalization process. A full complement of hardware based triggering tools are available to pinpoint protocol traffic of interest. A completely upgraded analysis software suite provides comprehensive decoding of SSP, SMP and STP traffic. Common protocol errors are flagged automatically including forward error correction (FEC) errors and incomplete commands. The Sierra T244 platform is available with full SAS 4.0 support and up to 128GB of recording memory. Configurations are also available with SAS 3.0 (12 Gb/s) support that are upgradeable to 24Gb/s in the future.

The Sierra T244 is scheduled for shipment in November, 2016. For additional information, Engineers and technicians who would like to learn more can contact their regional Sales Engineer: 1-800 909-7211 or 408 653-1262; or; or visit the Teledyne LeCroy SAS protocol analyzer web page.

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