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The Serial Attached SCSI logo was created by the SCSI Trade Association (STA) membership to facilitate the identification of the Serial Attached SCSI architecture in the market place.

STA has not established a trademark or product compliance program to be associated with the logo. STA assumes those using the logo will do so in a manner that accurately depicts conformance with the Serial Attached SCSI specifications promulgated by the T10 Committee. STA expects that the market will use the Serial Attached SCSI logo as it has made use of the term “SCSI” as well as the various graphical and iconic representations of that standard.

In this regard this style guide has been prepared to encourage a consistent use of the logo to build a voluntary brand identity for this new and important interface.

The base design is a two-color logo in a borderless rectangle as shown below. There is also an “icon” version of this logo. The logo and icon may only be reproduced in the established two-color version or in black and gray-scale. Please refer to SAS Style Guide for more information about usage of the SAS logo and icon.

The various options are all available in .eps, .tif and .jpg formats for both color and black and gray-scale versions. Each .zip file below contains each of the 3 formats for the version displayed:

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1.4 MB zip file
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1.2 MB zip file

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