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SCSI Trade Association Highlights the Important Role SAS Storage Systems Play in the Digital Media and Entertainment Markets

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Panel discussion at the Creative Storage Conference provided attendees a look at how media and entertainment professionals in networked production environments rely on the high speed and high capacity of SAS storage

CULVER CITY, Calif., – June 28, 2011 — During a panel presentation today at the 2011 Creative Storage Conference at the DoubleTree Hotel in West Los Angeles, Harry Mason, president of the SCSI Trade Association (STA) provided attendees with a look at how Serial Attached Storage (SAS) technology is well entrenched in nearly every aspect of enterprise storage, including the digital media and entertainment markets.

In a session titled “The joy of content capture and creation: Digital Storage Provides a Home for Rich Content,” Mason provided a recap of the latest additions to the SAS standard and roadmaps as well as examples of how media professionals in networked production environments rely on shared storage solutions that have transformed production facilities.

“In the digital content market, it’s all about high speed and high capacity, and SAS storage systems fit the bill,” said Mason. “Enhanced enterprise capabilities have migrated SAS from a device connection scheme, into a critical storage interconnection fabric that serves an important role within tiered-storage solutions.”

Mason also discussed how 6Gb/s SAS is in full swing, helping to open new applications such as content creation and the broader media and entertainment market. His remarks also touched on areas of enhanced connectivity solutions and the status on 12Gb SAS development.

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