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SCSI Laying the Ground Work for Performance (PDF)
A White Paper prepared by Paul Aloisi of Unitrode, for the SCSI Trade Association

SCSI for the present and future
The Small Computer Systems Interconnect (SCSI) that has become the workhorse of the high-end
system and workstations. SCSI started from a modest beginning and has continued to improve as the
need for performance arises. It started from a basic interface supporting up to 5 megabytes per
second, and has improved performance with wide Ultra2 to 80 megabytes per second shipping today.

The SCSI standard has been balancing the system speed requirements, system cost and a versatile
interconnect to allow the widest variety of options to be connected to the system. The cost
performance interface allows workstations and PC’s to connect to scanners, CDRs, CDs, CD changers,
tape drives, cartridge drives and hard drives with flow control to optimize system throughput.