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This panel session was chaired by SCSI Trade Association board member, David Allen, Director Storage Business Development. Panelists included:

  • Marty Czekalski, Seagate Technology
    Interface and Emerging Architecture Program Manager
    President, SCSI Trade Association
  • Joe Foster, HP
    Industry Standard Server (ISS) Storage Distinguished Technologist
  • Mike James, SanDisk
    Director Engineering
    Director, SCSI Trade Association
  • Steve Johnson, LSI
    Distinguished Engineer

The panel and accompanying presentation addressed the SCSI Express value proposition:

  • Performance and innovation
    • Increased performance through lower latency for emerging advanced technologies
    • Enables new storage architectures
  • Reliability
    • Proven enterprise SCSI ecosystem
    • Architected for nonstop availability
  • Investment Protection
    • Coexistence with SAS via Express Bay and common command set
    • Leveraging robust middleware ecosystem

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