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SAS Integrator’s Guide, Revision 2

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Published: September 2021

The Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Integrator’s Guide provides a quick reference to the menu of standard components required to assemble a SAS system, from the SAS drive (a hard drive or a solid state drive (SSD)) out to the enclosure level, including the associated box-to-box cabling. The standard cables shown assume that system boards, adapter cards, backplanes, etc. are pinned out per the SAS-4.1 standard. Refer to SAS-4.1 for detailed information on connectors, cable assemblies, pinouts, sideband wiring, etc.

Information in this document is specific to SAS-4.1 (INCITS 567). At the time of this document’s
publication, SAS-4.1 has not been finalized. However, no technical changes are anticipated before its

Download the SAS Integrator’s Guide, Revision 2 (PDF, 2.5MB)