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Read-Intensive Applications Have Met Their Match in New Toshiba Enterprise SSD

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The PX03SN is ideally suited for media streaming, read-caching, and low-to-mid duty primary storage

IRVINE, Calif. — December 2, 2013 — The Storage Products Business Unit of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., a committed technology leader, announces a new enterprise read-intensive solid state drive (eSSD) – the PX03SN. Designed to support the widest possible range of read-intensive applications, the PX03SN is available in capacities of up to 1.6TB1 and supports one full drive write per day2. The new 2.5-inch form factor SAS interface eSSD is designed for readintensive applications, server storage and caching applications, and storage systems where customers are looking for a balance between cost, endurance and performance.

Optimized for read-intensive, read-caching, and low-duty storage applications, the newest addition to the eSSD family features a 12 Gbit/s3 SAS interface. The PX03SN reflects Toshiba’s continued storage innovation and is optimized for its target segment with NAND flash processes, density, endurance and interface implementation.

“Toshiba gives customers a ‘one stop shop’ capability for their storage requirements, including both SSDs and hard disk drives (HDDs) for customers’ mobile and enterprise needs,” said Don Jeanette, senior director of marketing at Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit. “We are seeing increasing demand for eSSDs that offer a SAS interface and meet customers’ endurance and price requirements without sacrificing performance.”

The PX03SN 200/400/800GB and 1.6TB, read-intensive customer samples will begin shipping this month. For more information on Toshiba’s line of industry leading SSDs, HDDs and SSHDs, visit To connect with Toshiba Storage, visit the corporate blog at
and follow @ToshibaStorage on Twitter.

1   Definition of capacity: Toshiba defines a megabyte (MB) as 1,000,000 bytes, a gigabyte (GB) as 1,000,000,000 bytes and a terabyte (TB) as 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. A computer operating system, however, reports storage capacity using powers of 2 for the definition of 1GB = 230 = 1,073,741,824 bytes and therefore shows less storage capacity. Available storage capacity (including examples of various media files) will vary based on file size, formatting, settings, software and operating system, such as Microsoft Operating System and/or pre-installed software applications, or media content. Actual formatted capacity may vary.

2   One full drive write per day means the drive can be written and re-written to full capacity 1 time a day for five years, the stated product warranty period. Actual results may vary due to system configuration, usage, and other factors.

3   Read and write speed may vary depending on the host device, read and write conditions, and file size.



PX03SN series





User Capacity







19nm MLC


SAS-3.0 (12.0Gbit/s, 6.0Gbit/s, 3.0Gbit/s, 1.5Gbit/s)

Form Factor (Height)

2.5" SFF

15.0 mm

+0, -0.5 mm

7.0 mm

+0, -0.5 mm


(@ QD = 32, Aligned, Sustained, Entropy=100%)

Sequential Read 64KiB


1060 MiB/s

1100 MiB/s

Sequential Write 64KiB


380 MiB/s

Random Read 4KiB


130,000 IOPS

Random Write 4KiB


26,000 IOPS

Power consumption

Ready (Idle A)


3.6 W Typ.

2.7 W Typ.

Power consumption efficiency




24,400 IOPS/W



2,000,000 hours

Product Life


5 years



Ta C

0 to 55’®


Ta C

-40 to 70’®


Vibration (Operating)

21.27 m/s2 {2.17Grms} (5 to 800Hz)

Vibration (Non-operating)

159.74 m/s2 {16.3Grms} (20 to 2000Hz)

Shock (Operating)

9,800 m/s2 {1,000G} / 0.5 ms duration

Shock (Non-operating)

9,800 m/s2 {1,000G} / 0.5 ms duration

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consumer and enterprise hard disk drives and solid state drives. In North America, the Storage Products
Business Unit of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., markets high-quality storage peripherals to original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, value-added resellers, value-added dealers, systems integrators and distributors worldwide. Inherent in the Toshiba storage family are the high-quality engineering and manufacturing capabilities that have established Toshiba products as innovation leaders worldwide. For more information, visit

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