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New Storage Interfaces (PDF)
A White Paper prepared by Greg Schulz of MTI, for the SCSI Trade Association

This white paper is based on the article “New Storage Interfaces” authored by Greg P. Schulz of
MTI that appears in the April 1997 edition of Sys Admin Journal. This paper contains additional
material not contained in the above mentioned article as well as general formatting changes.

Changes are occurring with storage technology including lower cost per megabyte, faster drives, higher bandwidths, and applications requiring larger amounts of storage and throughput. This has resulted in a storage and I/O growth explosion closing the gap between I/O, Storage, and CPU performance. Our discussion centers around storage interfaces that enable data to be stored and retrieved from storage devices (Disk Drives, RAID Arrays, Tape Drives, and Solid State Disk). Network interfaces such as Ethernet®, FDDI, Token Ring, Fast Ethernet, and ATM can also be used as storage transports for distributed or network file systems such as NFS. However, this discussion centers on technology used primarily for storage.