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Fusion-io Collaborating with SCSI Trade Association Members in Driving Open SCSI Express Standards

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Industry Leader Working with STA to Develop Open Standards for Server-deployed NAND Flash
Using SCSI and PCIe for Application Acceleration and Datacenter Efficiency

SALT LAKE CITY – May 3, 2012 – Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO) today announced that it is
actively participating with the SCSI Trade Association (STA), a member-run industry association
established to support and promote SCSI technology, to develop and market the open SCSI
Express industry standard for PCI Express based storage. By leveraging PCIe connections in the
server with a focus on NAND flash technologies, the standard will provide organizations with
more options for integrating performance storage solutions into their datacenters. Fusion-io will
also join in the upcoming SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase, “Taming the Data
Beast!” on Wednesday, May 9 in Santa Clara.

“STA is pleased with the decision of Fusion-io to join STA in helping drive SCSI Express as open
industry standard for PCIe based storage,” stated Harry Mason president of STA. “Given Fusion’s
rich heritage in delivering innovative NAND flash solutions to the market, their contributions will
be important in shaping the final outcome of the initiative.”

SCSI Express comprises a set of technologies designed to deliver an enterprise storage solution
based on PCI Express, including the SCSI over PCIe (SOP) protocol, the PCIe architecture
Queuing Interface (PQI), a universal drive connector focused on 2.5-inch platforms, the PCIe
physical layer and OS support. To help develop open standards for SCSI Express, Fusion-io
will participate in the T10 Technical Committees, which are responsible for standardizing the
foundation SCSI technologies.

The T10 Committee’s work on the logical SCSI protocol, transport and delivery standards will
provide the basis for SCSI Express standardization. SCSI Express utilizes the SCSI over PCIe and
the PCI Express architecture queuing interface model being defined within the T10 Committee.
The T10 standardization efforts will become the basis of SCSI Express, which in turn is defined
and marketed by the SCSI Trade Association. Fusion-io was the first company to integrate server-based
NAND flash via the PCI Express bus. Through the PCIe interface, Fusion’s sophisticated
ioMemory software architecture can significantly reduce the I/O barriers that otherwise limit
CPUs in modern datacenters.

“Originally previewed at HP Discover, an ioMemory-based 2.5-inch form factor drive connected
to a 2U HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 server via SCSI Express will be demonstrated in a technology
preview at the upcoming SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase, and we are proud to
be continuing our work with STA members and the T10 committee to help shape the open SCSI
Express standard,” said Gary Orenstein, Fusion-io Vice President of Products. “We believe that
SCSI Express will be adopted as a leading standard for PCI Express deployments. We look forward
to collaborating with fellow STA members and leading SCSI experts to share our expertise in this
area to provide open standards as organizations modernize IT infrastructure by eliminating legacy
storage interfaces and move data performance closer to the host processors.”

For more information about the SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase in Santa Clara, go
to Please visit the SCSI Trade Association to learn
more about the emerging SCSI Express at More information on the T10 Technical
Committee can be found at

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About Fusion-io
Fusion-io has pioneered a next generation storage memory platform for shared data
decentralization that significantly improves the processing capabilities within a datacenter by
relocating process-critical, or “active”, data from centralized storage to the server where it is being
processed, a methodology referred to as data decentralization. Fusion’s integrated hardware and
software solutions leverage non-volatile memory to significantly increase datacenter efficiency
and offers enterprise grade performance, reliability, availability and manageability. Fusion’s data
decentralization platform can transform legacy architectures into next generation datacenters and
allows enterprises to consolidate or significantly reduce complex and expensive high performance
storage, high performance networking and memory-rich servers. Fusion’s platform enables
enterprises to increase the utilization, performance and efficiency of their datacenter resources
and extract greater value from their information assets.


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