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Easing The Migration from Parallel to Serial Storage

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Easing The Migration from Parallel to Serial Storage (PDF)
This white paper, written by Adaptec, discusses the reasons for and challenges of moving from a parallal to a serial storage configuration. Readers will learn about new storage technologies with serial architectures that provide higher performance and capacity scalability and enable denser designs are emerging to streamline IT operations and reduce total storage ownership costs.

Rapid data growth among companies of all sizes is sending IT departments scrambling for cost-effective ways to store more information under tightening budgets. A new class of data – reference information – is driving much of this growth. This infrequently accessed data such as email, presentations, documents, graphics and variety of images including CAD/CAM drawings, medical X-rays and bank checks is placing especially acute cost pressures on small and midsize businesses (SMBs), the market segment accounting for the bulk of reference data growth but the one typically with the smallest IT budgets. The result: SMBs, along with their enterprise counterparts, are seeking out cost-effective alternatives to enterprise-class disk drives for this exploding class of information. They also continue to explore ways to reduce the cost of storing high-demand database information and other bandwidth-intensive transactional data.