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ATTO’s ExpressSAS H30F SAS/SATA Host Adapter named a YES CERTIFIED by Novell

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ATTO Delivers SAS Connectivity Solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Open Source Environments

Amherst, NY (December 16, 2008) – ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, today announced that the ATTO ExpressSAS H30F SAS/SATA II Host Adapter has received the NovellR YES CERTIFIED compatibility designation with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Service Pack 1. The ExpressSAS H30F host adapter is a 16-port SAS/SATA II host adapter with transfer rates of up to 3 Gigabit per second per port with the flexibility to connect to both SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and SATA II (Serial ATA) devices. YES CERTIFIED status assures customers that the H30F is compatible with Novell products, and that ATTO and Novell will work together to support customers that are deploying the H30F in a Novell environment.

ATTO continues its commitment to supporting the Linux community by adding the ExpressSAS H30F certification to its portfolio of Novell-compatible products, including the Celerity FC-42ES Fibre Channel host adapter and the ExpressPCI UL5D and UL5D LP SCSI host adapters.

The ExpressSAS H30F is the latest in an extensive line of SAS/SATA II host and RAID adapters from ATTO. The ExpressSAS H30F adapter combines x8 PCIe technology and SAS speeds to provide a cost-effective, direct-attached solution for high-performance server environments and digital-video applications. With 16 ports, each of which is capable of delivering up to 300 megabytes per second performance, the H30F makes use of an on-board expander, allowing direct connectivity of up to 16 internal drives and eliminating the need for the enclosure to provide expandability through a mid-plane.

ATTO has developed a combination of hardware and software elements to deliver unprecedented throughput. With ATTO-exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADSTM) Technology, ExpressSAS products deliver the performance necessary to handle the bandwidth demands of today’s IT applications by controlling the acceleration of data transfers. Applications such as transactional databases, email servers, large server farms, 2K and 4K film, and HD video and audio editing, benefit from the performance-enhancing features and technologies built into the ExpressSAS H30F.

“ATTO and Novell working together are leaders in delivering Linux based solutions that customers can feel confident in implementing to support their business – from the enterprise to small and medium-size businesses,” said Tim Klein, President and CEO of ATTO. “We are very pleased with the value we are able to provide our customers by leveraging our partnership with Novell and the SUSE Linux Enterprise.”

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides a flexible and scalable Linux operating system to meet the complex needs of any data center,” said Justin Steinman, vice president of solution and product marketing at Novell. “By certifying on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, ATTO ExpressSAS host adapters provide users with more options for scalable, high performing data storage networking solutions running on a secure and reliable Linux platform.”

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