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WD XE — SAS SFF Hard Drive

The 2.5″ WD XE SAS hard drives provide up to 900GB of high performance storage suitable for both enterprise server and enterprise storage applications. The 6 Gb/s SAS interface enables optimum data reliability, availability and scalability with minimal power consumption. The small form-factor, 70 percent smaller than 3.5-inch drives, allows more system airflow resulting in… Read more »

WD RE SAS — Nearline Hard Drive

WD RE SAS hard drives are engineered to offer data-hungry SAS storage systems the massive capacity they need without compromising top-of-the-line performance. Advanced reliability and data integrity features allow for 24×7 operation in tightly packed vibration prone multi-drive systems. This uncompromising combination of high-capacity, peak performance and best-in-class reliability make WD RE SAS drives ideal… Read more »