Category: Small/Medium Business

SAS for the SMB: A Guide For System Integrators

Author: David Woolf – Senior Technical Staff University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab When it comes to data storage and protection, small and medium businesses (SMBs) often find themselves not knowing where to turn for data storage solutions. They are torn between high-end product offerings intended for large enterprises, or trying to piece together a… Read more »

SAS: Storage for the Proactive SMB/SME

Author: Franco Castaldini, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Kent Bransford, Sr. Technical Editor Seagate Technology Introduction To successfully compete against today’s enterprise behemoths, small- and medium-sized businesses/enterprises (SMBs/SMEs) rely on their superior agility and rapid adaptability to ever-changing business challenges. Lacking the deep pockets of their outsized rivals, SMBs/SMEs simply cannot afford to be caught… Read more »

The IT Case for SAS in the Small / Medium Business (SMB) Market

Author: Mike Micheletti, Product Manager, LeCroy Corporation With Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) products now entering the market, IT professionals are evaluating how this new storage architecture can benefit data centers in the small/medium business arena. Cautious about adopting new data storage technology, this IT community needs both a compelling business case as well as confidence… Read more »