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Reducing IT Costs With a Unified Storage Infrastructure

Author: Paul Griffith Adaptec, Inc. Today’s system builders must develop, test, qualify, inventory and sell separate subsystem backplanes to meet their customers’ needs for storage of reference and transactional data. Distributors and IT managers must also deal with the inefficiencies of separate systems. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) will enable computer makers to build a single… Read more »

SAS and Serial ATA Tunneling Protocol (STP)

Author: Michael Micheletti, Product Manager, LeCroy Corp. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a storage interface developed to meet the needs of enterprise-class storage applications. Leading solution vendors are rapidly adopting this new standard because it offers superior performance while preserving compatibility with legacy SCSI applications. Central to the SAS value proposition is its ability to… Read more »

Serial Hard Drive Interface Compatibility

Jim Pascoe Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Use of the parallel bus interface, which has long been the industry-standard storage interconnect, is on the verge of decline among the vast majority of system builders. Components that are based on the aging interface are increasingly being replaced by their evolved serial counterparts—Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial… Read more »

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and SATA: Compatible, Not Interchangeable

Authors: Franco Castaldini & Kent Bransford Seagate Technology The advent of Serial Attached SCSI coincides with a fundamental change in enterprise data management. Gone are the days when there were only two types of data storage: online and offline. A new concept, near-line or secondary storage, quickly gained acceptance because it recognizes that data has… Read more »

Serial Attached SCSI – Providing More for Less

Author: Harry Mason LSI Logic Corporation While storage consumption continues to grow at a phenomenal pace, spending on Information Technology (IT) has been, and is projected to be, flat to slow when viewed in the aggregate. This low-growth environment drives the market to seek more efficient ways to accommodate the unabated creation of more and… Read more »

SAS/SATA Compatibility: The Word on the Street

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), the next generation SCSI standard, provides IT implementers with maximum flexibility in configuring their storage environments. SAS supports logical compatibility with Serial ATA (SATA), enabling one storage design to service both high performance mission-critical storage (SAS) and low cost bulk storage (SATA). PMC-Sierra recently spoke with members of IT departments at… Read more »

Flexibility for the Future

Author: Tonya Comer HP Current server solutions lack flexibility in the type of storage they deploy. Systems designers for direct attached storage (DAS) must choose between a low cost storage interconnect like Serial ATA, a mainstream interconnect like U320 SCSI or a high-end interconnect like Fibre Channel. The interface decision dictates the remaining storage infrastructure… Read more »