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SAS Grows In The Data Center

More enterprises choose Serial Attached SCSI for storage in the data center due to improved reliability, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and continued enhancements. Small computer system interface (SCSI) technology emerged in the data center with the advent of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and rapidly became the storage interface of choice for servers and external storage products. In… Read more »

The Unstoppable Datacenter

By Daniel D. Reno, Director, Technical Marketing, Western Digital and Member-at-Large, STA Board of Director Enterprise customers demand the highest levels of quality and reliability for the systems they deploy. To deliver these robust solutions, industry leaders rely on the most advanced technologies available as a foundation of their product solutions. Within these products, the… Read more »

SAS Goes the Distance

Author: Jeremiah Tussey, PMC Senior Applications Engineer Today’s challenging datacenter environments demand flexible switching and connection capabilities for storage scalability. SAS storage architectures allow for extensible configurations by providing incremental connectivity solutions: passive copper cables, active copper cables, and active optical cables. The fundamental basis driving these solutions is the necessity for a variety of… Read more »

SAS Evolves with Changing Enterprise Storage Needs

It’s nothing new that technology changes rapidly. Enterprise storage is no exception. Keeping data moving at faster speeds and having the ability to properly manage that data has never been more critical to having businesses run smoothly. Applications such as database, commerce and transaction, web serving and streaming use massive amounts of data and storage… Read more »

SAS, Building Up, Moving Out

Author: Mike Karp, VP and Principal Analyst Ptak, Noel and Associates SCSI devices — first parallel and now, SAS — provide the lion’s share of enterprise storage devices, and it seems likely that this leadership role will continue well into the foreseeable future. This is because as demands for better performance, configuration flexibility and manageability… Read more »

Using 6Gb/s SAS to Build Flexible Systems

SAS/SATA Compatibility. It’s been a goal of the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology since its inception. Originally this meant that a Serial ATA (SATA) drive could be plugged into a SAS port and work well. But that was back in the 3Gb/s SAS days.

SAS, The Best Choice for Deploying Solid State Disks (SSDs) – LSI

Author: Harry Mason, President, SCSI Trade Association Director of Industry Marketing, LSI Corp. SSDs are low-latency storage devices that are finding their way into workstations, servers, and networked storage devices. Many of the uses for these devices are found in system-level caching environments, however recent cost improvements have made SSDs attractive for accelerating applications such… Read more »

SAS Advanced Connectivity Roadmap Frequently Asked Questions

SCSI Trade Association October 2009 Q1. What is the Advanced Connectivity Roadmap? A1. The Advanced Connectivity roadmap is the STA connectivity roadmap to guide the industry through future SAS storage solutions. It specifies the Mini-SAS High Density (HD) (SFF- 8643/8644) connector as the converged connectivity scheme for SAS-based deployments. In addition, it defines SAS Connectivity… Read more »

Continuing Innovation with 6Gb/s SAS Advanced Connectivity

Author: Cameron Brett, Manager, Product Marketing, Enterprise and Storage Division, PMC-Sierra With Contributions by Harry Mason, Director Industry Marketing, LSI Corp. Not standing still, 6Gb/s continues to innovate with the SAS Advanced Connectivity Roadmap. The industry is trending toward large-scale SAS deployments with thousands of drives, multiple levels of SAS expanders, centralized SAS switches (all… Read more »

Advanced SAS Connections Converge at 3.0

Authors: Jay Neer, Advanced Technical Marketing Manager, Industry Standards, Molex With Contributions by Harry Mason, Director, Industry Marketing, LSI Corp. and Susan Bobholz, Product Marketing Manager, Intel Introduction The first article in this series of three articles discusses SAS connectivity and introduced the basic concepts of how SAS devices connect together as well as how… Read more »