Category: Return on Investment

Optimize Your Investment with Serial Attached SCSI

Author: Alvin Ooi, Marketing Manager, AIC/Xtore Since the market emergence of Serial Attached SCSI two years ago, many high-end storage solution providers and OEMs have recognized the advantages of SAS over its parallel predecessor. Vertical markets that have since adopted SAS technology are the entertainment industry, medical imaging, financial institutions and research and government institutions,… Read more »

SAS: A Point in Time Perspective

Author: Levi Norman, ISS Storage Strategist, Industry Standard Servers HP From the time SAS was envisioned to this point, we have heard time and again it is to be much more than parallel SCSI ever hoped to be. It should deliver unsurpassed ROI, new and unique configurations and unparalleled performance gains, etc. It actually began… Read more »

Serial Attached SCSI – The Value Proposition

Author: Paul Vogt, Sr. Director, Product Management Xyratex International, Ltd. The Need for Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) In order to understand the justification for the industry’s investment in a new I/O technology standard, it is useful to look at a typical parallel Ultra320 SCSI bus configurations. This type of configuration was a common Direct Attached… Read more »