Category: Reliability

The Unstoppable Datacenter

By Daniel D. Reno, Director, Technical Marketing, Western Digital and Member-at-Large, STA Board of Director Enterprise customers demand the highest levels of quality and reliability for the systems they deploy. To deliver these robust solutions, industry leaders rely on the most advanced technologies available as a foundation of their product solutions. Within these products, the… Read more »

Capitalizing on the Flexibility of SAS

By Paul Vogt, Director of Product Marketing, Adaptec The flexibility of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) allows it to be used as a universal connectivity standard for a wide range of business needs. In addition to its role as a replacement for parallel SCSI, SAS now offers the ability to reduce the cost of servers and… Read more »

SAS Reliability Advantages for the Developer

Author: Paul Griffith Adaptec, Inc. Why Choose SAS? The topmost factor in choosing a storage subsystem for enterprise system development is reliability. Maintaining user access to valuable data reduces total IT costs and increases user productivity. Serial Attached SCSI, a serial bus architecture, has emerged to deliver higher levels of reliability than parallel SCSI for… Read more »

SAS: Reliable from the Start

Author: Harry Mason LSI Logic An often over-looked aspect of system reliability is software quality. Software quality improves as the software is used in real world applications and as it undergoes revisions, until the failure rates are quite low. In short, software run time is a necessary requirement to deliver highly reliable enterprise-class storage solutions.… Read more »

Reliability and Availability

Author: Martin Czekalski Maxtor Corporation Reliability, availability, and scalability are the cornerstones of online transaction processing (OLTP) and enterprise class computing systems and storage subsystems. In this issue of Serial Storage Wire we will cover the first two as they apply to Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and cover scalability in the next issue. Reliability The… Read more »