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The Next Level of Performance in Storage Tiers

Author: Sam Sawyer, Director of Product Marketing Embedded Storage Products Emulex Corporation Introduction One of the hottest topics in storage is the adoption of solid state disks (SSDs) within external storage arrays. Over the last decade, advances in hard disk drive (HDD) capacity have far outpaced the random IOPS capability of HDDs, providing a catalyst… Read more »

HDD Interfaces in the Enterprise: Sorting through the Murkiness

Excerpted by David Reinsel, Director, Storage Hardware Research, IDC Note: The following is an excerpt from an IDC publication¹ Hard disk drive (HDD) interface transitions within enterprise systems are being clouded by a number of issues. Disk storage system vendor strategies are far from similar and HDD vendors are considering various options with respect to… Read more »

HDD Form Factors to Meet Any Need

Author: Don Jeanette, Senior Manager, Product Marketing Fujitsu CPA Form Factor Display: 2.5″, 3.5″ Form Factors to fit your requirements High capacity and speed for enterprise applications (3.5″ 15K) High capacity and cost effective performance (3.5″ 10K) Performance and density for mission-critical data (2.5″ 10K) Enclosures available for any form factor, spindle speed and capacity… Read more »

How Do I Connect SAS and SATA HDDs to a SAS System?

PMC-Sierra was interviewed by a System Integrator about Serial Attached SCSI’s Cable and Connector Features and Uses Author: Rachelle Trent, Product Marketing Manager PMC-Sierra All Figures are courtesy of Molex The challenges that System Integrators (SIs) encounter when learning how to handle new technologies, new components and especially how to make everything work together, requires… Read more »