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Using SAS as a Networked Storage Fabric

Author: Linus Wong, Director Strategic Marketing and Tom Treadway, CTO Adaptec For the past five years, your only choice for developing a high-availability, highly scalable and reliable storage subsystem has been to use a Fibre Channel (FC) storage area network (SAN)-based architecture. A number of key features have established FC as the platform of choice… Read more »

Is SAS a Fabric?

Author: Martin Czekalski, Interface Architecture Initiatives Manager Maxtor Corporation Well, with a variation of that now-classic line, it all depends on what your definition of “fabric” is. If your definition includes a large computer room, campus infrastructure environments or generalized network capabilities, then the answer is “No.” For example, if you have multiple computer rooms… Read more »

SAS as a Fabric – A Look at the Disruptive Nature of SAS Technology

Author: Charlie Kraus, Director, HBA Business Unit LSI Logic Adoption of the next evolutionary step in SCSI technology, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), is well underway, with announcements from major OEM storage vendors starting to appear. Initially the role of SAS was understood to be the next direct-attach technology for internal disk drives in servers, or… Read more »

Is SAS the Next Fabric?

Author: Samuel J. Barnett Product Line Manager, Serial Attached SCSI Products Vitesse IT Insights Mention Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology to a room full of IT professionals and the air is immediately charged with excitement. Take the dialogue one step further and associate SAS with Fibre Channel front-ends/fabrics/switching or a SAN and the mood turns… Read more »