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Serial Attached SCSI Hard Disk Drives – Enterprise Proven

Authors: Paul Vogt, Senior Director of Product Management                Dale Lafferty, Director of Alliances and Partnerships                Xyratex International Introduction There is a technology shift taking place in enterprise storage environments that could help IT departments address some of the constraints the economy… Read more »

SAS Drives Deliver Full-Spectrum Storage for Maximum Data Center ROI

Author: Chaz Nichols, Global Channel Marketing and Kent Bransford, Sr. Technical Editor, Seagate Technology “Use the right tool for the job” is a time-honored maxim that’s particularly relevant to developers and system builders seeking to deliver maximum value to their customers. Data center storage requirements continue to expand and diversify, challenging IT professionals to move… Read more »

SAS in the Game – SAS-based External Arrays Now Shipping

Author: Steve Denegri Independent Data Storage Analyst The Industry in Aggregate It may have taken longer than expected, but RAID arrays equipped with SAS are now shipping. IBM is the first to get in the game with the launch of its EXP3000 array at the end of August. Soon to come are SAS-based RAID boxes… Read more »

SAS Hard Drive Integration

Authors: Michael Sebesta and Joseph Rebrovich System Integration Test Lab Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a new serial interface for enterprise hard disk drives that will eventually replace aging parallel SCSI technology. The new serial interface provides much higher data transfer rates, improved scalability and superior reliability. SAS is also compatible… Read more »

Scaling Enterprise Storage with SAS Hard Drives

Author: Jim Pascoe, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Data center workloads have increased exponentially in recent years, requiring IT managers to find new ways of scaling their enterprise storage resources in a manner that is both highly reliable and cost-effective. With the introduction of complementary serial interface technologies, IT managers now have the flexibility to deploy… Read more »

Dual-Port SAS Drives are a Boon to ITDual-Port SAS Drives are a Boon to IT

Author: Sam Sawyer Hitachi GST The new serial interfaces, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA), have been designed to replace their parallel predecessors. They will support faster data transfer rates and more devices per controller, as well as reduce the size and complexity of the cables and connectors (thus enabling smaller, more densely-packed… Read more »

Serial Attached SCSI Devices – Nuts and Bolts

Author: Marty Czekalski Maxtor Corporation When introducing a new interface into a system, several questions generally come to mind such as; what characteristics does the new device possess, what are its specifications and how will it fit into the overall system design? This development overview article will look at devices that can be used in… Read more »

Serial Hard Drive Interface Compatibility

Jim Pascoe Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Use of the parallel bus interface, which has long been the industry-standard storage interconnect, is on the verge of decline among the vast majority of system builders. Components that are based on the aging interface are increasingly being replaced by their evolved serial counterparts—Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial… Read more »