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Case Study: AIC Enables Implementation of a SAS-Based Broadcast Media Archive Solution for KCET-TV, Los Angeles

Author: Alvin Ooi, Marketing Manager, Advanced Industrial Computer   The fast-growing demands of media storage in the broadcasting industry pose a significant challenge to the industry’s IT professionals. The entire workflow process, from intake and production to play-to-air, requires massive storage capacities which are easily and quickly accessible. Streamlining the process of retrieving and restoring… Read more »

Case Study on SAS JBOD for Nonlinear Editing System

Author: Alvin Ooi, Marketing Manager Xtore Extreme Storage Advanced Industrial Computer Introduction While High Definition (HD) video contents are getting more and more popular in real video production, TV companies are experiencing the bottleneck of using legacy equipment to edit their HD video programs. One of the customers of PFU Systems (Panasonic, Fujitsu and Uchida),… Read more »

SAS Server Brick Case Study

Author: Kent Bransford, Senior Technical Editor, Seagate Technology The following is an actual case study, illustrating how SAS technology is a key enabler of high-performance business intelligence storage solutions that utilize the concept of a “server brick.” Microsoft Project REAL The server brick concept was developed by Microsoft while working on Project REAL (Reference implementation,… Read more »

LSI Logic SAS Case Study; for Cable/Telecom, Professional, Information Technology and Retail

Author: Stephen Weekley, Marcom Program Manager, Storage, Corporate Planning and Marketing, LSI Logic With Tim Bolden, president of iGLASS Networks and Tomas Havrda, Managing Partner of Solid Access Technologies Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) user sees dramatic productivity improvement by adopting the newly developed solid state disk (SSD) device from Solid Access Technologies with its breakthrough… Read more »