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Are You Up-to-speed on SAS Backplane Design?

Author: Dennis Alexander Hewlett-Packard Although the design of a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) backplane is not a trivial matter, the design task is much simpler than the design and layout of a parallel SCSI backplane. A parallel SCSI backplane has 27 differential signaling pairs that must be routed in a daisy-chain fashion from the I/O… Read more »

Reducing IT Costs With a Unified Storage Infrastructure

Author: Paul Griffith Adaptec, Inc. Today’s system builders must develop, test, qualify, inventory and sell separate subsystem backplanes to meet their customers’ needs for storage of reference and transactional data. Distributors and IT managers must also deal with the inefficiencies of separate systems. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) will enable computer makers to build a single… Read more »