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STA President Marty Czekalski and STA Vice President Greg McSorley gave a series of presentations at Powering the Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2014, including one presentation in the Storage Innovation Theatre and two shorter presentations in the Meet the Experts Theatre.

  • Storage Innovation Theatre Presentation: SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions (October 29, 2014)
    • SAS Market Overview, including basics of SAS architecture and deployment
    • SAS Technology update, including 12Gb/s SAS, advanced connectivity, SSDs, MultiLink SAS™, Express Bay, new SCSI features, and 24Gb/s SAS
  • Meet the Experts Theatre Presentation #1: SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions (October 28, 2014)
    This is an abbreviated version of the Storage Innovation Theatre presentation above.
  • Meet the Experts Theatre Presentation #2: The Role of SAS in Scale-Out Storage Solutions (October 29, 2014)
    • SAS fabric capabilities
    • SAS buffering
    • Connectivity options
    • CacheIO case study
    • Scaling Windows Server Storage with SAS

Download all three presentation here: Powering the Cloud 2014 - STA

On September 16, STA President Marty Czekalski presented an update on SCSI standards and technology at Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Topics include:

  • SCSI Express
  • New SCSI features for flash and performance, including extended copy, atomic operations, hinting, SCSI-SF, and power limit control
  • Express Bay
  • Beyond 12Gb/s SAS
  • Advanced Connectivity
  • 24Gb/s SAS MRD
  • Shingled Magnetic Recording

Download the presentation here: SDC-SCSI Standards and Technology Update 2014 r5.pdf