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6Gb/s SAS: An Evolutionary Step for SAS Technology (PDF)

Storage demands have continued to escalate and now require more and more complex capabilities. Thus, making it necessary for the storage industry to look beyond 3Gb/s SAS and determine what steps need to be taken to incorporate additional improvements into the SAS protocol.This paper takes a look at the evolution of the SAS protocol and examines the new capabilities that will be provided with the next step along the evolutionary process for the SAS protocol -- 6Gb/s SAS. (September 2008)

Serial Attached SCSI Establishes Its Position In The Enterprise (PDF)

With the advent of 6Gb/s SAS, the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) architecture and technology is growing its presence within traditional and non-traditional enterprise environments. This white paper will explore the roots of SAS technology, why the SAS architecture is well suited to enterprise markets and how the evolution of SAS technology expands its role in data centers. After addressing the increasing capabilities of SAS and how enterprise environments are deploying SAS, new growth opportunities will be discussed based on how the SAS architecture is adapting to the growing needs of the enterprise. (September 2008)