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LSI MegaRAID® SAS 9260-8i and MegaRAID CacheCade™ Technologies Combine for Supercomputing Performance Breakthroughs

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) provides data management to some of the most challenging astronomy projects ever conceived.

One such project is the Dark Energy Survey ( This large scale project involving more than 120 scientists from 23 institutions in the United States, Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom will collect digital data from astronomical observations in the attempt to solve one of today's great scientific mysteries: why the expansion of the universe seems to be speeding up. NCSA is tasked with processing the data, identifying the galaxies and stars in digital maps of the heavens, and storing it all in a database expected to grow by 400GB daily over the one and a half year life of the project to approximately 200TB of raw image data.

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