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STA President Marty Czekalski presented "SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions" on April 7, 2015, at SNIA's Data Storage Innovation Conference in Santa Clara, CA. Topics in this presentation included:

  • SAS Market Overview, including basics of SAS architecture and deployment
  • SAS Technology Update, including 12Gb/s SAS, 24Gb/s SAS, and Advanced Connectivity
  • SSDs, MultiLink SAS™, and Express Bay
  • New SAS Features, including Zoned Block Commands and Storage Intelligence

Download the presentation here: DSI-2015 SAS the storage fabric, r4.pdf

On January 21, 2015, STA President Marty Czekalski gave a presentation titled "SCSI Continues to Evolve" at the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) meeting during the SNIA Annual Members' Symposium. In this presentation, Czekalski covered the following topics:

  • New SCSI features for flash and performance
  • Beyond 12Gb/s SAS
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Status of 24Gb/s SAS
  • Zoned Block Commands (ZBC)

Download the presentation here: SNIA Annual Members' Symposium - STA update 012115 r2.pdf

STA President Marty Czekalski participated on a panel entitled "New Applications, New Technologies - What's Ahead for Content Storage" on January 5, 2015, at Storage Visions in Las Vegas, NV. During this session, Czekalski provided an overview of new zoned block devices and how this new SCSI command set will allow applications to better take advantage of new storage technologies such as Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) and enable continued decreases in storage costs.

Download the presentation here: Storage Visions 2015 MC r3.pdf

STA President Marty Czekalski and STA Vice President Greg McSorley gave a series of presentations at Powering the Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2014, including one presentation in the Storage Innovation Theatre and two shorter presentations in the Meet the Experts Theatre.

  • Storage Innovation Theatre Presentation: SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions (October 29, 2014)
    • SAS Market Overview, including basics of SAS architecture and deployment
    • SAS Technology update, including 12Gb/s SAS, advanced connectivity, SSDs, MultiLink SAS™, Express Bay, new SCSI features, and 24Gb/s SAS
  • Meet the Experts Theatre Presentation #1: SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions (October 28, 2014)
    This is an abbreviated version of the Storage Innovation Theatre presentation above.
  • Meet the Experts Theatre Presentation #2: The Role of SAS in Scale-Out Storage Solutions (October 29, 2014)
    • SAS fabric capabilities
    • SAS buffering
    • Connectivity options
    • CacheIO case study
    • Scaling Windows Server Storage with SAS

Download all three presentation here: Powering the Cloud 2014 - STA

On September 16, STA President Marty Czekalski presented an update on SCSI standards and technology at Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Topics include:

  • SCSI Express
  • New SCSI features for flash and performance, including extended copy, atomic operations, hinting, SCSI-SF, and power limit control
  • Express Bay
  • Beyond 12Gb/s SAS
  • Advanced Connectivity
  • 24Gb/s SAS MRD
  • Shingled Magnetic Recording

Download the presentation here: SDC-SCSI Standards and Technology Update 2014 r5.pdf

During a panel presentation at Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara on August 6, 2014, leading storage industry experts from STA discussed the challenges of distributed storage systems and how the SAS storage protocol is uniquely positioned to handle the mixture of workloads and I/O demands required. The panel was moderated by Jeff Janukowicz, research director at IDC.

Presentations included:

Download all presentations here: FMS 2014 STA Panel

Video Presentation from SNW-Europe 2013

This video presentation is hosted on Juku Italy, however Czekalski's remarks are in English. November 9, 2013

Czekalski discusses SCSI Express and the roadmap for 12Gb/s product deployments. Link to the presentation.

The SCSI Franchise Adapts for Solid State Storage

Presentation at 2013 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA in August.

Download full presentation here...

SAS Storage Performance — FOSE 2013

SAS Preservation & Innovation FOSE-SAS-Storage-Performance-V3-web.pdf

Presenters: Harry Mason, President, SCSI Trade Association
                       Marty Czekalski, Vice President, SCSI Trade Association
Where:   Storage Networking World Fall 2011, Orlando, FL
When:   October 12, 2011

In this presentation Mason and Czekalski present:

  • Update on the SCSI Trade Association
  • Range of SAS & SATA storage solutions
  • SAS technology and market overview
  • Key markets and sample deployments
  • Extending SAS innovation
    • 12Gb/s
    • MultiLink SAS™
    • Advanced Connectivity

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SAS Standards and Technology Update

Presenters: Harry Mason, President SCSI Trade Association, and Director of Industry Marketing at LSI, Corp.
                Marty Czekalski, Vice President SCSI Trade Association, and Interface & Emerging Architecture
                Program Manager at Seagate
Where: Storage Developers Conference, Santa Clara, CA
When: September 19, 2011

In this presentation Mason and Czekalski provide:

  • SAS Overview
  • SAS Performance Roadmap and 12Gb/s SAS staging
  • MultiLink SAS™ and Advanced Connectivity
  • SCSI over PCIe (SOP)
  • Backplane Receptacle Compatibility

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Extending SAS Innovation in 2011

Extending SAS innovation:

  • 12Gb/s SAS
  • MultiLink SAS™
  • Advanced Connectivity


Presenters from Molex: Galen Fromm, Senior Electrical Project Engineer, Jay Neer, Strategic Product Manager, and Edmund Poh, Senior Product Engineer
Where: Flash Memory Summit
When: August 9 - 11, 2011

Fromm, Near and Poh present a snapshot and status report on Serial Attached SCSI and the development of connectors for enterprise storage bays.

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What You Should Know about SAS

By: Harry Mason, President SCSI Trade Association, Director of Marketing, LSI
Where: FOSE Conference & Exhibition, Washington, DC
When: July 11 - 14, 2011

Mason presents an overview of the SCSI Trade Association, SAS technology and the market for SAS products and technology, including key markets, sample deployments and what SAS innovations will present in the future.


  • Ultra320 SCSI gave way to 3Gb/s SAS (2005-06)
  • 6Gb/s SAS was announced in 4Q08
  • 6Gb/s SAS systems now shipping with full scale deployment expected 4Q09-1Q10.
  • 6Gb/s SAS advances dramatically in external storage shipments
    • Drive attach: significant penetration
    • Host attach: steadily growing

... the need for improved host connectivity is driving SAS Advanced Connectivity Roadmap

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