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Because You’ve Built It, Will They Come?

Author: Mike Karp, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates There cannot be much doubt that Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is ready for prime time. The technology is new but evolutionary, and therefore it doesn’t require much of a stretch for system builders to understand it. It is a proven technology: we have seen SAS work in… Read more »

Simply SAS: Power of SCSI, Ease of SATA

Authors: Franco Castaldini, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Kent Bransford, Sr. Technical Editor, Seagate Technology “If you fear change, leave it here!” may be the lighthearted counsel of cash-strapped baristas, but IT professionals know that proactively adopting change is serious business, a key to maximizing system performance and efficiency. Alas, pioneering storage technologies are often… Read more »

SAS Makes the Path to More and Higher Performance Storage Easier

Author: Tonya Comer, Product Marketing Manager, Industry Standard Servers HP Just in time for today’s storage explosion, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drive options provide a scalable, flexible, better performing and efficient solution for servers and for storage enclosures that go beyond the inherent limits of parallel technology. A recent study at the University of… Read more »

Solving Command Time-out Issues

Author: Mike Micheletti, Product Manager, Lecroy Corporation Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a storage interface developed to meet the needs of enterprise-class storage applications. Central to the SAS value proposition is the ability to scale storage systems beyond the limits of today’s parallel SCSI using a switching technology called Expanders. Designed to provide fan-out architecture… Read more »

Bandwidth Aggregation: Paving the way for 6.0 Gb/s SAS

Author: Susan Bobholz, Intel Storage Group Ecosystem Enablement Manager and member of the STA Board of Directors The first generation of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) products represents a major leap forward in storage technology. SAS drives have a full-duplex throughput of 3.0 Gb/s and are capable of providing a competitive advantage to enterprises that require… Read more »

Scalability and Performance Considerations

Author: Tonya Comer, Product Marketing Manager Industry Standard Servers, HP Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a point-to-point disk interface that builds on the functionality of SCSI for the enterprise. Borrowing reliability and performance enhancements from Fibre Channel, SAS supports dual-port and full-duplex communication between servers and disk drives. SAS extends reliability and bandwidth opportunities by… Read more »

Choosing the Right Drive: How to Find the Sweet Spot in Storage

Authors: Franco Castaldini, Sr. Product Marketing Manager and                    Kent Bransford, Sr. Technical Editor                    Seagate Technology “Efficiency” is the watchword in today’s enterprise as it strives to achieve the optimal blend of performance and cost-effectiveness. To be sure,… Read more »

Hitachi Interviews HP About Serial Attached SCSI

Author: Doug Pickford, Director of Product Planning and Strategy, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has been working with HP and numerous other companies to help define the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) standard and deliver products to the marketplace. We recently caught up with HP’s Jeff Jenkins to discuss SAS in greater detail,… Read more »

Verifying System Reliability for SAS Integrators

Author: Mike Micheletti, Product Manager LeCroy Corporation Now that component vendors Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) are shipping in volume, storage integrators are rolling up their sleeves to begin evaluating this powerful new storage interface. Anxious to harness superior performance, these SAS developers are testing hosts, devices and storage subsystems for compatibility and reliability. Early adopters… Read more »

Maximum SAS Performance with PMC-Sierra’s maxSAS Product Family

Author: Rachelle Trent, SAS Product Marketing Manager PMC-Sierra’s maxSAS™ storage family includes Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) expanders, SAS/Serial ATA (SATA) retimers, SAS/SATA multiplexers and enclosure management processors. To accelerate OEM and ODM development cycles for tiered storage disk arrays, PMC-Sierra provides complete reference systems for its entire maxSAS product line. The latest editions to PMC’s… Read more »