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SAS Components are Ready for Prime Time

Author: Rachelle Trent, SAS Product Manager, PMC-Sierra As enterprise storage requirements rapidly increase, expanding data throughput and providing scalable storage capacity is crucial. The goal of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) was to overcome the scalability and reliability limitations of parallel SCSI and to significantly improve the ability to add hard disk drives to a system.… Read more »

Enterprise-Class HDD Dynamics – An IDC Perspective

Excerpted from IDC Document #201478, “Worldwide Hard Disk Drive 2006-2010 Forecast: Record-breaking Years Lie Ahead.” Author: Dave Reinsel, Director Storage Hardware Research The Industry in Aggregate Calendar-year 2005 was a record-breaking year for the HDD industry from two perspectives: units and revenue. Surpassing the 2004 unit shipment record is no surprise, though the 24.4% increase… Read more »

SAS: Revolution in Enterprise Storage – The Expander and Its Usage in Tomorrow’s JBOD Uncovered

Author: Sam Barnett, Product Line Manager, Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA Storage & Storage Networking Products, Storage Products Division, Vitesse Semiconductor Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) offers a wealth of benefits to the enterprise server and enclosure customer (high reliability and performance, mixed enterprise/desktop drive support, improved economies of scale), and key to scalability and… Read more »

SAS: Power and Simplicity Become One

Author: Bill Schilling, Marketing Director/Enterprise Segment and Kent Bransford, Sr. Technical Editor Seagate Technology After months of speculation and anticipation, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) storage solutions are now entering the marketplace in force. Given its unparalleled blend of performance, scalability and flexibility, it should come as no surprise that SAS is quickly making converts among… Read more »

Step up to SAS for Server Storage

Author: By Mike Micheletti, Product Manager LeCroy Corporation Administrators are often faced with choosing between a newer, more exciting technology or going with an existing, proven one. When it comes to server storage, the choice today is between the Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives and storage devices based on the Serial Attached SCSI interface (SAS).… Read more »

Serial Attached SCSI Scalability Demo

Author: Rachelle Trent, SAS Product Manager, PMC-Sierra SAS Provides Scalability Capacity: maximum 16K devices Expanders enable capacity scalability Bandwidth: in multiples of 3Gb/s Wide links provide bandwidth aggregation Increased storage capacity via cascaded JBODs

Shared Storage with SAS

Author: Sam Barnett, Product Line Manager, SAS and SATA Storage Networking Products, Storage Products Division, Vitesse As connectivity and storage needs of the world business community continue to expand, high-performance, low-cost storage infrastructures and new storage networking technologies are required. Enter Serial Attached SCSI – its two tiered model – offering simultaneous support of both… Read more »

SAS Performance in an SQL Server Environment

Author: David So, Strategic Marketing Manager LSI Logic LSI coordinated a live, multi-vendor demonstration highlighting the performance benefits of SAS technology in a Microsoft SQL Server environment. The key messages for this demo were that SAS offers: Enterprise-level performance up to 2.4GB/s full duplex Enterprise-level capacity of over 16K targets Lower total cost of ownership… Read more »

SAS: The Ideal Infrastructure for Tiered Storage

Author: Linus Wong, Director, Strategic Marketing, Adaptec With its diverse requirements for high-performance storage for primary, mission-critical data and lower cost, higher capacity storage for secondary data, tiered storage has often required completely different primary and secondary storage systems. Building a tiered storage solution on a SAS infrastructure solves this problem, by allowing a single… Read more »

SAS Interconnect Infrastructure

Author: Jay Neer, Corporate Strategic Product Manager, Molex The SAS Interconnect Infrastructure table displayed examples of the new connectors and cables implemented in the recent SAS 1.1 release. The new Mini SAS connectors developed by Molex for the standard are now appearing in SAS products from a number of companies. This interface provides more port… Read more »