Connector Guide

By Editor on May 28, 2011

Common SCSI Bus Connectors
(Table courtesy of Paralan Corp. and Quantum Corp.)

Host or Host Adapter Connector
Most SCSI SLOW (5 Mbyte/sec) computers and host adapters use the Centronics-type 50-pin connector. Also some 8-bit Fast computers and host adapters. 50pincen.gif
Old Sun and DG Computers sun-dg.gif
Many 8-bit SCSI FAST (up to 10 Mbytes/sec) computers and host adapters use this 50-pin High-Density connector. 50pinHD.gif
Apple/Mac and some older Sun 8-bit workstations. DB25.gif
All FAST/WIDE (16-bit) SCSI-3 computers and host adapters plus old DEC single-ended SCSI use this 68-pin High Density connector. 68pinHD.gif
New SCA 80-pin 80pin.gif

Pictures of Specific Products

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Circuit Assembly MRS Series SCSI Connector

Circuit Assembly NFDP Series SCSI Connector

Various connectors from Molex, Inc.

Circuit Assembly MDP Series SCSI Connectors